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:2014-12-02 20:11:35

Our first lengthy trip to the NT and on to Alice; originally intending to go up to the Gulf of Carpentaria on the way, we were delayed by a couple of issues and cut the route short to go straight from Townsville to the NT border via Mt Isa.

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  • Distance Instructions
  • Distance 3,424.37 km
  • Time 43 h 4 min
  • Speed 86.9 km/h
  • Min altitude 2 m
  • Peak 729 m
  • Climb 4492 m
  • Descent 3945 m

1. Laura's House (At that time)

Altitude: 9 m
Address: Deception Bay QLD 4508, Australia

Our daughter's house at Deception Bay where we stayed a while before setting out again to head for Alice Springs and our eldest, Renee, who was working in remote communities. (Not exact address on map for privacy)

2. Gunalda Rest Area

Altitude: 63 m
Address: 2 Balkin St, Gunalda QLD 4570, Australia

A Rest Area and Driver Reviver spot with good level areas and toilets, good overnight stopping pint.

3. Gin Gin Showgrounds

Altitude: 60 m
Address: 12 King St, Gin Gin QLD 4671, Australia

Showgrounds with lots of space for travellers, has become even more popular since our visits.  Has a full time caretaker, a traveller usually, and good amanities, short walk to the town centre.

4. Captain Cook Holiday Village

Altitude: 27 m
Address: Captain Cook Holiday Vlge, 384 Captain Cook Dr, Seventeen Seventy QLD 4677, Australia

A nice shady Park with tyical rainforest vegetation on the outskirts of 1770, also has access to a private beach via a short drive or a reasonable walk.

5. Boyne River Rest Area

Altitude: 14 m
Address: River View, 48746 Bruce Hwy, Benaraby QLD 4680, Australia

Roadside area overlooking the river, mostly bitumen parking.

6. Calliope River Rest Area

Altitude: 8 m
Address: 298 Old Bruce Hwy, River Ranch QLD 4680, Australia

One of the most popular in the whole area, usually both sides of the river, lots of grassy area on the elevated North side, more gravel and flat on the lower South side.

7. Keppel Sands Caravan Park

Altitude: 2 m
Address: 27 Taylor St, Keppel Sands QLD 4702, Australia

Close to the beach, an old Council park with resident managers, very popular with seasonal regulars.  Our first encounter with warning signs for Crocodiles - didn't see any though!

8. Red Rock Campground, Byfield State Forest

Altitude: 46 m
Address: Unnamed Road, Byfield QLD 4703, Australia

Great camp area in the State Forest with numbered very large sites, non potable water, toilets, tables etc.

9. Yaamba Rest Area

Altitude: 19 m
Address: 35 Iris St, Yaamba QLD 4704, Australia

An all bitumen area next door to the local Hotel, toilets and neat enough for an overnighter; very popular.

10. St Lawrence Recreation Reserve

Altitude: 7 m
Address: 624 St Lawrence Connection Rd, St Lawrence QLD 4707, Australia

Large open campground which has progressed from free to donation to a small fixed fee but worth it for the location and amenities.

11. Sarina Palms Caravan Park

Altitude: 32 m
Address: 12 William St, Sarina QLD 4737, Australia

Another tropical park nestled in the trees alongside the cane railway line

12. Whitsunday Tourist Park, O'Connell River

Altitude: 15 m
Address: Whitsunday Tourist Park, 10239 Bruce Hwy, Bloomsbury QLD 4799, Australia

Right on the river bank, spacious old style caravan park

13. Funny Dunny Park Campground

Altitude: 6 m
Address: 246 Wunjunga Rd, Wunjunga QLD 4806, Australia

Named for the elevated composting toilet which was erected here to cater for the visitors who have long come here to fish off the beach.  Vehicle access to the beach and drinking water available as well; was a donation, now a small fixed fee.

14. Coral Coast Tourist Park

Altitude: 5 m
Address: 547 Ingham Rd, Mount St John QLD 4818, Australia

In the Western suburbs of Townsville, a good value park with angled caravan bays for easier access, good amenities.

15. Macrossan Park

Altitude: 226 m
Address: Unnamed Road, Dotswood QLD 4820, Australia

Large area alongside the river, old toilets in need of some attention but no shortage of space!

16. Campaspe River Rest Area

Altitude: 378 m
Address: A6, Pentland QLD 4816, Australia

A smaller Rest Area between the Bruce Highway and the railway line, mostly bitumen, toilets and tables etc.

17. Pentland West Rest Area

Altitude: 554 m
Address: A6, Pentland QLD 4816, Australia

Gravel area on the road junction, a little shade, no facilities.

18. Alan Terry Caravan Park

Altitude: 328 m
Address: 4 Resolution St, Hughenden QLD 4821, Australia

A Council owned park, spacious sites, good amenities.

19. Marathon Rest Area

Altitude: 236 m
Address: A6, Stamford QLD 4821, Australia

Another open flat gravel area with little shade, basic toilets and shelters/tables; great sunsets!

20. Richmond RV Stop

Altitude: 212 m
Address: 1 Harris St, Richmond QLD 4822, Australia

New on our vivit a gravel area at the Council bulk storage yard, Dump Point and water on site but no other facilities

21. Julia Creek Waterhole Campground

Altitude: 120 m
Address: Free Camp - Julia Creek, Punchbowl Rd, Julia Creek QLD 4823, Australia

One of the gems, sits around a permanently dammed waterhole, some shade, lots of birdlife; our first mass sighting of budgerigars

22. Wal's Camp Cloncurry

Altitude: 194 m
Address: Wal's Camp, LOT 5 Phillips St, Cloncurry QLD 4824, Australia

Old style Caravan Park on the outskirts of town, spacious and tidy

23. Mary Kathleen

Altitude: 357 m
Address: Unnamed Road, Cloncurry QLD 4824, Australia

The old townsite from the dasy of the Uranium Mine, now private property but with camping allowed

24. Moondarra Accommodation Village

Altitude: 343 m
Address: AAOK Moondarra Accommodation Village, 2 Moondarra Dr, Lanskey QLD 4825, Australia

A Caravan Park mostly given over to accommodation for the town's FIFO workers but still with provision for a few tourists, very clean amenities

25. Camooweal Lagoon Campground

Altitude: 230 m
Address: Unnamed Road, Camooweal QLD 4828, Australia

Anothe very popular "gem" along this route.  Lagoon side camping over a large area, birds and brumbies

26. Avon Downs Rest Area

Altitude: 227 m
Address: 19073 Barkly Hwy, Ranken NT 4825, Australia

First stop inside the NT, Police Station opposite and lots of flat open space.

27. 41 Mle Bore Rest Area

Altitude: 246 m
Address: Barkly Hwy, Warumungu NT 0852, Australia

Our worst stop, could be a great location with shade trees and lots of room but used far too much as an open air toilet!

28. The Pebbles

Altitude: 365 m
Address: Devil Pebbles, Warumungu NT 0852, Australia

An interesting stopping pnt several kms of the highway with an area set aside for camping, toilet.

29. Tennant Creek Caravan Park

Altitude: 370 m
Address: Tennant Creek Cvan Pk, 208 Paterson St, Tennant Creek NT 0860, Australia

One of two in the town and losts of space, large sites, shade trees and good amenities

30. Ti Tree Roadhouse and Caravan Park

Altitude: 552 m
Address: Ti Tree Cpa, 381 Stuart Hwy, Ti Tree NT 0872, Australia

Our last stop before Alice Springs, small park next to the roadhouse, good facilities

31. Blatherskite Park

Altitude: 568 m
Address: 25 Commonage Rd, Ilparpa NT 0873, Australia

The Alice Springs "Showgrounds" not always open for camping due to battles between Caravan Parks and Council but a great spot when it is.

32. National Road Transport hall of Fame

Altitude: 556 m
Address: Transport Heritage Centre, 92 Norris Bell Ave, Arumbera NT 0873, Australia

We accidentally stumbled across a newspaper ad for volunteering here and stayed 7 months!

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