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:2017-05-10 18:25:23

For the first part of the year we took a trip out to Tibooburra and back with some fridge problems along the way creating diversions into Dubbo and Broken Hill which were not part of the original planned route.

  • Distance Instructions
  • Distance 4,205.08 km
  • Time 50 h 7 min
  • Speed 83.9 km/h
  • Min altitude 2 m
  • Peak 1092 m
  • Climb 5690 m
  • Descent 5690 m

1. Zoe's House

Altitude: 32 m
Address: 27 Honeyeater Cres, Moggill QLD 4070, Australia

We changed vehicles after our last return to the Brisbane area and then spent some time with Laura (fence and furniture building!) and Zoe over early Summer and finally left from Zoe's at Moggill to head South into NSW.

2. Murwillumbah Showgrounds

Altitude: 7 m
Address: 37 Queensland Rd, Murwillumbah NSW 2484, Australia

Another visit to Murwillumbah, this time with time to explore the town, then the rain started!

3. West of the Range Rest Area

Altitude: 165 m
Address: Clarence Way, Sandilands NSW 2469, Australia

The curiously named West of the Range RA is only West of the first part of the range, there is still more climbing to do after here!

4. Swan Brook Rest Area

Altitude: 753 m
Address: 3355 Gwydir Hwy, Swan Vale NSW 2370, Australia

An easy to access RA about 40km East of Inverell, toilets and mostly flat.

5. Gwydir River

Altitude: 321 m
Address: Copeton Dam Rd, Bingara NSW 2404, Australia

One of several camps along the river upstream from Bingara, this one the second last as you travel East, no facilities but riverfront and lots of shade.

6. Narrabri Showgrounds

Altitude: 212 m
Address: Showground, 13 Wukawa St, Narrabri NSW 2390, Australia

Our first visit to Narrabri and the Showground camping; a very popular spot with standard facilities, lots of space and flat grass.

7. Wee Waa Showgrounds

Altitude: 192 m
Address: 45 Maitland St, Wee Waa NSW 2388, Australia

A showground with cheap camping and lots of room, we were the only ones here, great caretaker and good facilities, lots of burrs on the ground though which our poor little dog did not like!

8. Coonamble

Altitude: 183 m
Address: 138 Castlereagh Hwy, Coonamble NSW 2829, Australia

With a new fridge needing a gas connection we stayed in the Caravan Park and found a plumber to do the fitting and took time to explore the town

9. Poplars Caravan Park

Altitude: 263 m
Address: 1-11 Bultje St, Dubbo NSW 2830, Australia

After a fridge failure we had to travel into Dubbo for a dealer to look at and repair it.

10. Bulla Park Rest Area

Altitude: 130 m
Address: Barrier Hwy, Noona NSW 2835, Australia

Rest Area between Cobar and Broken Hill

11. Broken Hill Racecourse

Altitude: 283 m
Address: Racecourse Rd, Broken Hill NSW 2880, Australia

Our new fridge having failed again we had to divert to broken Hill for a replacement

12. Packsaddle Rest Area

Altitude: 135 m
Address: Silver City Hwy, Packsaddle NSW 2880, Australia

A convenient RA between Broken Hill and Tibooburra

13. Milparinka

Altitude: 139 m
Address: Clayton St, Milparinka NSW 2880, Australia

A low cost campground at the historic town of Milparinka

14. Tibooburra

Altitude: 183 m
Address: 2 Briscoe St, Tibooburra NSW 2880, Australia

The most remote town in North Western NSW

15. White Cliffs

Altitude: 153 m
Address: 128 Johnston St, White Cliffs NSW 2836, Australia

The lesser known of the NSW Opal Mining towns with a good Council Caravan Park

16. Newey Reserve Cobar

Altitude: 234 m
Address: Unnamed Road, Cobar NSW 2835, Australia

A free camp provided by Council but since closed, may re-open

17. Girilambone

Altitude: 195 m
Address: 18 Murrawombie Rd, Girilambone NSW 2831, Australia

Free camping at the local Oval, toilets and flat ground

18. Brewarrina

Altitude: 120 m
Address: Unnamed Road, Brewarrina NSW 2839, Australia

The Four Mile reserve where we stayed in 2016

19. Collarenebri

Altitude: 146 m
Address: 50538 Gwydir Hwy, Collarenebri NSW 2833, Australia

A "Primitive Campground" RV stop next to the oval, toilet, showers, water and a Dump Point

20. Gravesend

Altitude: 281 m
Address: 4 Gwydir St, Gravesend NSW 2401, Australia

Free camping at the oval, toilets and flat grass.

21. Warwick

Altitude: 474 m
Address: 13015 Cunningham Hwy, Sladevale QLD 4370, Australia

Needing to swap an LPG bottle we had to travel through to Warwick and overnighted behind the Caltex Roadhouse on the Northern side of town. From here we returned to Zoe's house at Moggill.

All Over Australia