All Over Australia

:2014-04-20 18:31:33

Our first short loop to check everything was as we wanted, before heading off on a longer journey

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  • Distance Instructions
  • Distance 374.53 km
  • Time 6 h 2 min
  • Speed 67.6 km/h
  • Min altitude 3 m
  • Peak 543 m
  • Climb 3026 m
  • Descent 3048 m

1. Laidley Caravan Park

Altitude: 102 m
Address: Unit 12/21 Campbell St, Laidley QLD 4341, Australia

Having spent a month here to get everything in order we were ready to leave and start our real Grey Nomad journey.

2. Poll Crandell Park, Toogoolawah

Altitude: 97 m
Address: State Route 85, Toogoolawah QLD 4313, Australia

Our first Free Camp at a Rest Area on the outskirt of Toogoolawah; there were to be other camping facilities here in Toogoolawah in future years but at the time this was the only one.

3. Linville Railway Station

Altitude: 134 m
Address: 31 George St, Linville QLD 4306, Australia

One of those lttle gems in a great setting at the old Railway Station and on the Brisbane Valley Rail Trail which follows the path of the old line which went as far as Yarraman.

4. Blackbutt Showgrounds

Altitude: 430 m
Address: 23 Bowmans Rd, Blackbutt North QLD 4306, Australia

Our first Showgrounds camp, at first dry but soon turning rainy just in time for the local cattle sales.

5. Cruice Park, Woodford Rest Area

Altitude: 122 m
Address: 27 Cruice Dr, Woodford QLD 4514, Australia

Another Rest Area camp, and a very popular one, we have been here agian in future years.

6. Pine Rivers Showgrounds

Altitude: 16 m
Address: 757 Gympie Rd, Lawnton QLD 4501, Australia

Another Showgrounds, this with a full time caretaker and an allocated Caravan Park area.

7. Olivia's house, Oxley

Altitude: 7 m
Address: Oxley QLD 4075, Australia

Back to our daughter, Olivia's for a few days. Actual address not shown for privacy.

8. Marburg Showgrounds

Altitude: 79 m
Address: 42-52 Queen St, Marburg QLD 4346, Australia

We actually went to Ispwich Showgrounds for their 7 day maximum stay, then came here for 3 days before returning to Ipswich for a further 7 before leaving on our next trip.

9. Ipswich Showgrounds

Altitude: 45 m
Address: 81 Warwick Rd, Ipswich QLD 4305, Australia

The first two of our many visits to Ipswich Showgrounds, we had sold our house in a suburb of Ipswich (after being there for 8 years) in order to begin this journey so coming here is like coming home

All Over Australia