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:2019-10-08 09:10:17

After our Winter House Sitting near St Helens we travel down the East Coast to eventually work our way around to the Huon Valley and on to Bruny Island. We then returned to the Hobart area at The Lea Scout Camp before starting the third part of our Tasmanian adventure.

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For a map and list of all our routes go HERE
  • Distance Instructions
  • Distance 1,044.91 km
  • Time 17 h 27 min
  • Speed 59.8 km/h
  • Min altitude 0 m
  • Peak 373 m
  • Climb 7070 m
  • Descent 7169 m

1. Tasman Highway, Goulds Country

Altitude: 107 m
Address: 27261 Tasman Hwy, Goulds Country TAS 7216, Australia

Leaving after 4 months of house sitting

2. Lagoon Beach Campground

Altitude: 10 m
Address: A3, Chain of Lagoons TAS 7215, Australia

A short drivedown the coast, a large camping area adjacent to the beach

3. Bicheno Take Away Caravan Park

Altitude: 26 m
Address: Bicheno Caravan Park & Take Away Foods, 52 Burgess St, Bicheno TAS 7215, Australia

An older park which was "half closed" for Winter which we had almost to ourselves

4. River and Rocks Campground

Altitude: 6 m
Address: 59 River and Rocks Rd, Coles Bay TAS 7215, Australia

On the estuary of the Swan River and a short drive to the Freycinet attractions

5. Mayfield Bay Campground

Altitude: 18 m
Address: Mayfield Bay Conservation/Camping Area, Tasman Hwy, Rocky Hills TAS 7190, Australia

Great campsite on the beach close to Swansea

6. Spring Bay Hotel

Altitude: 5 m
Address: Spring Bay Hotel, 1 Charles St, Triabunna TAS 7190, Australia

Camping behind the hotel across from the Maria Island ferry

7. Orielton Camping

Altitude: 51 m
Address: 35 Allambie Rd, Orielton TAS 7172, Australia

A private property recently being set up for campers

8. Primrose Sands RSL

Altitude: 5 m
Address: 415 Primrose Sands Rd, Primrose Sands TAS 7173, Australia

A couple of days to stroll around this Holiday House community

9. Sorell RV Stop

Altitude: 11 m
Address: 8 Montagu St, Sorell TAS 7172, Australia

In town to wait for mail, a Council RV park

10. Lime Bay Campground

Altitude: 6 m
Address: Lagoon Beach Track, Sloping Main TAS 7186, Australia

A National Park campground in a stunning location

11. White Beach Tourist Park

Altitude: 9 m
Address: White Beach Caravan Park, 128 White Beach Rd, White Beach TAS 7184, Australia

The only Caravan Park on the Western side of the Tasman Peninsula and with private access to the beach.

12. Mill Creek, Fortescue Bay

Altitude: 46 m
Address: Tasman Coastal Trail, Fortescue TAS 7182, Australia

A National Park campground with basic toilet facilities.

13. South Arm RSL

Altitude: 3 m
Address: No.2972 South Arm Rd (RSL Club), South Arm TAS 7022, Australia

RV Parking at the end of the car park, access to toilets and showers

14. Franklin Campground

Altitude: 1 m
Address: 3427 Huon Hwy, Franklin TAS 7113, Australia

A campground run by Huon Valley Council with low cost and a four day limit. Toilets, water and a Dump Point and right on the Huon River.

15. Cockle Creek Campground

Altitude: 6 m
Address: Cockle Creek Rd, Recherche TAS 7109, Australia

The Southern most p;ace you can camp with a caravan in Australia; we stayed just outside the national Park and there are also small areas inside, all spread over about 1km of the roadway.

16. Dover Tourist Park

Altitude: 2 m
Address: 27 Kent Beach Rd, Dover TAS 7117, Australia

An older style Caravan Park overlooking the beach and bay.

17. Shipwright's Point Campground

Altitude: 10 m
Address: Shipwrights Point Huon Hwy, Port Huon TAS 7116, Australia

Another Huon Valley Council camp with low fees, right on the river bank with toilets and a Dump Point.

18. Franklin Campground

Altitude: 1 m
Address: 3427 Huon Hwy, Franklin TAS 7113, Australia

A second visit to catch up with local friends.

19. Jetty Beach Campground

Altitude: 9 m
Address: Labillardiere Peninsula Cct, South Bruny TAS 7150, Australia

A National Parks camp at the bottom of South Bruny Island, basic toilet and self registration; right next to the beach.

20. Hotel Bruny

Altitude: 3 m
Address: Alonnah Post Office, 3 William Carte Dr, Alonnah TAS 7150, Australia

Low cost camping at Bruny Island's only hotel opposite the beach at Alonnah.

21. Captain Cook Holiday Park

Altitude: 3 m
Address: 786 Adventure Bay Rd, Adventure Bay TAS 7150, Australia

The only Caravan Park on Bruny Island opposite the beach.

22. The Neck Camping Reserve

Altitude: 4 m
Address: Lutregala Rd, South Bruny TAS 7150, Australia

The only campground in the area of the neck whcih connects the two halves of Bruny Island, basic toilets and self registration.

23. The Lea Scout Camp

Altitude: 272 m
Address: 186 Gilwell Dr, Kingston TAS 7050, Australia

Camp ground operated for the Summer months only at the Scout Camp just outside Hobart. ALl standard facilities of tolets, showers and power with water to fill your tanks.

All Over Australia