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Policemans Point, Ansons Bay

Policemans Point, Ansons Bay

June 20, 2019 Our mid week "outing" this week was to take advantage of the perfectly clear weather on Thursday and drive to Eddystone Point Lighthouse and back "home" via Gladstone and Weldborough. On the way to the Lighthouse we turned off along the Southern side of...

St Helens Point and Beerbarrel Beach Walk

St Helens Point and Beerbarrel Beach Walk

June 15, 2019Saturday turned out one of those fine clear sky mornings often typical of Tasmanian Winter in some parts of the State. No wind and almost no cloud (until mid pm) made it a great day for another walk.  So we decided that, as we had to go to town for...

St. Marys Car and Bike Show 2019

St. Marys Car and Bike Show 2019

June 09, 2019The small town of St Marys, 35km from St Helens and at the top of the ranges, holds this show every year on the Sunday of the  June long weekend.  This year the weather was kind and much better than the forecast, in fact it was a better day up...

The Anchor Stamper Walk, Blue Tier

The Anchor Stamper Walk, Blue Tier

June 7, 2019Returning from the Goblin Forest Walk we took in the Anchor Stamper walk, about a 30 minute return along a very well constructed walkway to  what has been preserved of the old Stampers from the Anchor Mine. The car park is just off Anchor Road and...

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