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"NO MORTGAGE . NO MOWING" - The Grey Nomad Journey of Keith and Frances Thompson

From the Beginning:
This site started out at the beginning of 2014 as “”, purely as a record of our caravanning travels around Australia as “Grey Nomads”.


The “About Us” section tells our personal story and within this “The Decision” tells of how we got to this point with updated thoughts as we go along. “Our Rig” describes our first combo and proceeds from there as we updated either tug or van.

In 2018 we started to add additional information in our “Tips” section which may help others as well as developing a maps and a Gallery section.


Please note that we are undertaking substantial changes to our website design and for some time there may be some page errors in appearance and misplaced images etc. Please bear with us as this is going to take a while!

Where Are We Now?

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,Our Travels (Blog)

The “Blog” section is what it says, our place to place journey with photos and some videos a well as our thoughts and descriptions of that particular “trip”

Note that we are gradually updating older posts with the features available in our current blog theme.


“Galleries” is a collection of galleries of images which includes some not shown in the posts; these are gradually being titled and edited but are not available for viewing right now.

The Galleries are progressively being improved as we transit from our old site to this new one and will be back online in the near future


We hope that anyone reading our stories can get some insight into what life on the road is like and to further this information flow we have added a new section of “Tips from the Road” with both our own thoughts drawn from experience and some researched information which may help those of you considering this lifestyle, either permanently or just for a year or so.
The sort of information provided is divided into the two broad areas of the “hardware” of travel and the “lifestyle” issues and challenges.

Travel Maps

The other main section, “Travel Maps” contains a map of everywhere we have been with all places shown, still in development with site changes, but eventually each icon can be clicked through to the relevant blog post.

There is also a separate map of each “trip”.  Icons will each contain links to our blog posts and any extra information we have found.

Photographs on this Site/Gallery

Almost all images (except the top image in each Post) are clickable and will open (on a PC or Tablet) enlarged in a lightbox, clicking outside the lightbox will turn it off. In most cases images can be downloaded from the Lightbox by right click/save as but images may not be republished without consent and acknowledgement.


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Website Changes and Update:
Please note that we are undertaking a complete update of our website and some Posts and Pages may not appear correctly but will still be readable during this time.

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