Tips – Hardware

ips – Hardware

  • Satellite TV – Part 1 – Do I Need It?
    The Multiple Choices of TV Reception VAST Satellite TV – Do I need it? Much is said in Social Media about there being no TV service “in the bush”. The map here shows all 350+ digital TV transmitter sites in … Read more
  • Satellite TV – Part 2 – What Do I Need?
    OK… You’ve got to here deciding you do want Satellite TV so..Author’s Note: This is a lengthy article as I have found that many published and online “guides” assume a lot of points of knowledge so the intention here is … Read more
  • Satellite TV – Part 3 – Making It Work
    Setting Up: Please bear with me if some of this sounds too simplified but for some of you it will be helpful, there is no shame in learning something! “It works anywhere..” Often said by users in response to questions … Read more
  • Satellite TV – Part 4 – Satfinder Android App
    Satfinder Android – A Tutorial Satfinder Android by Paul Lutus is the most accurate phone App I have found after testing 17 different ones. It is the only one that provides switching to True North instead of Magnetic North and … Read more
  • Satellite TV – Part 5 – Troubleshooting
    VAST Basics: The starting point to troubleshooting getting your VAST system working is to determine if the problem relates to aligning the dish or an issue with the decoder and cabling. Aligning the dish has NOTHING to do with the … Read more

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