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  • Rest Areas or Free Camps? The Facts and the Fiction
    Those of us who travel all the time, or those who make that annual journey, often need that roadside stop for the night; away from a traditional campground or Caravan Park. Many of us use these areas to gradually “hop” … Read more
  • Rest Areas or Free Camps? Part 2 – The Variations
    Rest Areas – General, State by State:Each State has their own regulations, or lack thereof, here we attempt to provide an overview of these variations. Queensland for example is quite well defined: “You can stop at a rest area for up … Read more
  • Rest Areas or Free Camps? Part 3 – The Options
    In this, the third of a three part series, Keith Thompson looks at the other options for short overnight stops, or perhaps a little longer. There are many other Free Camp options in the form of locally managed Picnic Areas, … Read more
  • Freedom Camping? or is it? – Part 1
    INTRODUCTION: Many of those of us who travel permanently, or for an extended period, seek out those special places where we can enjoy total freedom from rules and regulations and relax by a river, lake, beach or Mountain view, but … Read more
  • Freedom Camping? or is it? – Part 2
    In Part 1 of this series we looked at the structure of Caravan Parks, now we take a look at… Campgrounds: Definition: For the purpose of this article a Campground is a legally approved camping area not described as a … Read more
  • Freedom Camping? or is it? – Part 3
    Top: Huon Campground, Lake Hume, Victoria Having examined the ins and outs of Caravan Parks and paid Campgrounds we now come to the issue of Free Camps Free Camping, or more often now referred to as “Freedom Camping” to include … Read more
  • Freedom Camping or is it? – Rural Camping – A Time For Change
    July 2021Disclaimer: The information contained in this article has been supplied or researched and accepted in good faith by the author and a clear apology is offered if anything which is inferred as factual is incorrect. INTRODUCTION: This article follows … Read more
  • Retaining Grey Water – Why – When – How?
    Introduction: This article is designed to make sense of the whole issue and to dispense with the various “Myths” about grey water retention and how to get the right information. This is a lengthy article which intends to explain the … Read more

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