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April 2015

Above: Mike driving the Mini Ghan

As we moved from Summer into Autumn there was little difference through most of March with some days still around 40 and almost all, until the last week, above 35.  Finally the daytimes dropped to around  +/-30 and nights dropping into the 12-15 range,  this continued for the first week of April and then we got our first taste of the colder Central desert type weather: 5 days in the 20s and 5 nights at single figures down to 4.8 degrees on April 8th, the coldest so far although we are forecast for 4 this coming Tuesday (April 28).  We also got our first rain since January with 7.2mm over the 17th and 18th.



Keith driving..
Keith driving..

As the summer weather (heat) declined the tourist and volunteer numbers have been rising here.  We had only the odd couple of people adding to the volunteers in February but then in March we started to get more and have been up to 14, 10 more than the Summer count of Frances and me, plus Mike and Ann who arrived 2 weeks after us in November (see Christmas photos),  Currently we are 10 with 2 arriving this week and 2 more next week as far as we know.  The Tea Rooms at the Ghan museum reopened after Easter which Dallas runs with volunteer assistance so we really need the extra numbers!


By Keith

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