July 13, 2019

The Bay of Fires covers an area from Binalong Bay (centre above), North to Eddystone Point and was named by the French explorer Furneaux when he spotted fires along the shore from the local Aborigines in 1773.  Above is the view along Swimcart Beach, one of several campgrounds along this coast.  A little further to the North are the campgrounds of Cosy Corner North and South along the same stretch of beach (right).

Cosy Corner North.012 10h54m41s2019 07 13

Cosy Corner North

The coastline here is famous for the Orange colouring of the rocks which is actually a Lichen,

Further North again is Sloop Rock and a small campground on the small point which overlooks Sloop Bay, one of many lagoons and inlets along this whole section of coast.

On the way back we took a short detour into Binalong bay itself which is another of Tasmania’s many communities of holiday shacks and a few retirement homes; there are no retail facilities here as it is only about 8km from St Helens.

Binalong Bay.007 11h56m41s2019 07 13

A  few more images from the area:

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