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August 11th, 2014

On the way further North we bypassed Gladstone (save that for another trip) and stopped over at the 2 rest areas at Boyne River and Calliope River crossings (only about 20km apart).  The Boyne crossing is a one-nighter right next to the Bruce Hwy and thus fairly noisy but the Calliope crossing could not be more of a contrast.  Still just off the highway but lower down toward the river and actually aside the old highway which went out of use in the early 2000s when the new bridge was completed (see photos).  This is a huge grassed area on the north side of the river with around 50-60 vans there during each of our 2 nights.  Very pleasant treed areas, clean toilet block but no water.  The Calliope is a popular fishing spot with campers and locals as there is a bit of a weir at the old highway bridge.  Kestrels and Pelicans looking for food and this one found his catch of the day.

Photo Gallery of Boyne and Calliope River Rest Areas hosted on ImageShack, click the Link or Image:
Boyne and Calliope Rivers 2014

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