Westcliff Track and views Bunya Mts 002 2014 07 02 19h36m01sWestcliff Track and views Bunya Mts 002 2014 07 02 19h36m01s


July 4, 2014

Spent the last 3 days here at Bushland Park on the Southern side of the Bunya Mts and explored some of the walking trails in the National Park (without Tess who had to stay alone in the van ? ).

Absolutely stunning views from the various lookout points and some great walking trails to get to them.  We managed to do the walk to the Westcliff lookout which has views on the way as per the above and then from the lookout proper you can see the town of Dalby some 50km away.

Mt. Mowbulla
Mt. Mowbulla

Around the other side from the Pine Gorge lookout the Power Station at Tarong is clearly visible to the South East.  Along this track are the Tim Shea Falls and the even more delightful Festoon Falls.  A wonderful variety of trees in here ranging from the Bunya Pines to giant figs and many eucalypts.  Birdlife abounds but very difficult to photograph in the often dense bush.

Pine Gorge Lookout Bunya Mts- 003 - 2014-07-03-20h59m26s

The two main waterfalls in the park:



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