Coongarra Rock and surrounds002   2014 05 27Coongarra Rock and surrounds002 2014 05 27

Coongarra Rock:

Accessed via gravel road and about 10km from the highway the last 3km require 4WD and low range and are advised against after wet weather, we had good dry access and this was our first real 4WD track since setting out (sort of took me back to having our Pajero in the early 90s).  Well worth the drive for the views which you can’t get from any other point, the area around the rock and the last few ks in were teeming with butterflies, some of which we managed to photograph.  There is a track to the top described as ” for fit and experienced bushwalkers only” – maybe another time?

Photo Gallery here hosted on ImageShack, click the link or image:
Coongarra Rock

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