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September 7, 2019

Now we are moving on for the second half of our year in Tasmania and heading down the East Coast relatively s-l-o-w-l-y.

The main reason for us being here has been to keep about 80 young trees watered which proved very necessary in both May and August in particular with only around 40mm of rain in each month – more than made up for as I write the beginning of this on September 7 as we have had over 90mm of rain in the past 30 hours!

Above: The property that has been our  “home” for 4 months, caravan in the background.

As the return of our owner, Gregor, drew near the grass was at the “needs mowing” point as well, so while Frances was watering, Keith was mowing:

DSC 0068
DSC 0068
DSC 0064
DSC 0064

With the arrival of Spring the local Fauna is appearing with greater regularity, evenings see the local Pademelons out and about and our very pregnant possum dragging her bulk along the ground!  (Apologies for low resolution night time images, they didn’t make it easy to get very close!)

The birdlife is also on the increase with these visitors also appearing just in recent weeks:

Above, some of the colours appearing around the garden and along the Broom River; and below are some final views of our surroundings for the past four months:

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