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July 6

Staying here for 5 days on the way back to Ipswich, on the way stopped for one night at the rest area at Yamsion (just a locality name, no town) at the foot of the Bunyas.  The rest area was very spacious with lots of tables and BBQs as well as a couple of pit toilets, all freshly mowed and tidy and very quiet apart from Cockatoos, Galahs and Butcher Birds (see photos).

Here at Goombungee we have the whole showgrounds to ourselves and the caretaker had to come and turn the water on as the underground polypipes tend to freeze in the frosts out here.  On our third morning we found out about the frosts when our water hose froze as the nearby Oakey Army base recorded minus 5.1 !

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By Keith

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