July 20-22, 2023

Park Run and the Super Pit:
Having looked at various options to get us to Perth by Saturday week we decided on 3 days at Kalgoorlie in order for Frances to get in a Park Run on Saturday morning. We decided to stay at the free camp RV area and found it about 80% full on our arrival but found a spot at the end of a row.

Saturday was Park Run day and we were greeted by a morning fog which persisted as the run started with the temperature at 6 degrees but quickly cleared to a clear day, reaching a max of 16. Frances achieved a Personal Best of 27:28 despite the course having a small hill in the middle (see our walks in the next post)

With a good clear day we drove across town to look at the huge “Super Pit”, such a visitor attraction that the owners, KCGM, have created its own website https://www.superpit.com.au/ as well as a visitor viewing area which is moved and reconstructed each time the mine gets bigger at the top.
Officially the Fimiston Open Pit, it is one of two mines in the group, the other being Mt Charlotte, the only underground gold mine still in operation.

… and a little video (about 3 minutes)

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