Mary Kathleen009   2014 10 08Mary Kathleen009 2014 10 08

October 8, 2014

Mary Kathleen was the original Queensland uranium mine first set up in 1956 and a complete township was established; this produced until 1963 and was closed for ten years until reopening from 1974 to 1983,  Finally in 1984 Australia’s largest Auction sold off the whole mine and town infrastructure leaving only roads and some concrete slabs,  We had an idea from a small segment on Channel 7 recently that you could stay overnight there which proved correct.  The townsite and mine are signed off the Flinders highway and although the access road is badly damaged (we later found an easy exit used by the local landowner) you can drive right into both areas.  We setup camp next to the old swimming pool complex (filled in of course!) and had a perect spot to photograph the Lunar Eclipse in a perfectly clear sky – see photos.


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