Bourke Mays Bend008 2016 04 15Bourke Mays Bend008 2016 04 15

April 15-17

From Brewarrina to Bourke is an easy, flat highway drive and at Bourke we first went to May’s Bend, a free camp about 17km north of town.  The road in is a few kms and parts are a little rough, uneven or currugated but the end result is worth it.

A great spot right on the Darling with space at upper and lower bank levels.  Limited room overlooking the river but lots of room overall and more further along for tent camping or offroad trailers.

Bourke Mays Bend019 2016 04 16
Bourke Mays Bend019 2016 04 16

One of our fellow campers was fishing but not catching but our dog, Tess, decided at some point to have swim!  She was out of sight below us and came back up rather wet but happy!  Don’t know whether she walked in or fell in!

Bourke, Mays Bend020 -2016-04-16

May's Bend from our awning
May’s Bend from our awning

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