May 30, 2023

We have now been in the Apex Caravan park at Mildura for a week having decided to stay here a little while and organise some deliveries including a Starlink kit which arrived at the Post Office the day after us. Pleased to say it was plug-and-play and was up and running within 30 minutes of opening the box!

To start with we just used the supplied stand on the ground as we have plenty of space to the South of us and then set about modifying the pole we had been using for a MIMO antenna for our modem; this involved getting a pole adapter and some PVC plumbing fittings to pack to the right size; a few screws and it was done, dish fitted to pole and pole attached to van on our existing u bolt arrangement . The dish easily clears the roof with the pole on the ground for extra support and still almost a meter of extension left.

The pole adapter came from Spacetek, a supplier of Starlink accessories who happen to be locally based here at Red Cliffs, about 20km from the Park here. We also bought their through wall adapter parts and connectors to make the dish plug and play on the outside of the van and we have mounted the Router upside down in the ensuite under the overhead cupboard with a router bracket from Outback Comms in Moranbah (QLD).

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