Gayndah039 DSC 1030Gayndah039 DSC 1030

May 9-11, 2021

Leaving Mt Kilcoy we finally started heading onwards to our destination of Darwin, stopping next at Gayndah. Unfortunately our aircon in the Landcruiser failed at this point but it did resolve a leak we have been chasing for months as this time the compressor was leaking oil (therefore leaking gas as well!). The local Auto elec shop (Bakers) was able to fix it the next day with a new compressor relieving us of a further $1243 ! This resulted in our staying in Ganyndah for three days at the Railway Heritage Precinct, entirely run by volunteers it provides toilet facilities and nice flat parking for $10 a night ($5 per person) with water available to fill up for a small donation. Included is a tour of the restored carriages being the buffet Car and Dining Car with another two slowly being restored for future viewing.

The photo gallery tells the rest of the story as well as the huge number of butterflies around the shrubbery here, some of the largest we have seen this year, mostly the great Eggfly variety male (spotted) and female (multi-coloured)

By Keith

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