June 19-22, 2024

A short drive of 66km from Walpole is the Shannon National Park Campground; we had been watching the weather in order to decide whether or not to stop over here on the way Westwards and as the forecast was good for 3 days we made a booking and here we are for 3 nights and the only camper here!

Shannon was the Forestry District HQ for the area including Albany until some time after the Mill closure here when HQ was moved to Walpole.

A very well laid out campground with 68 sites all large and hard stand with 41 sites located where the former settlement used to be and 27 in the adjacent Pine Forest to the Eastern side.

From Wikipedia:
“A timber mill and the town of Shannon were established in the mid-1940s as a result of a timber shortage during World War II. The town once boasted over 90 homes and a hall, store/post office, church and nursing station. A dam was built in 1949 to guarantee water supply during the summer months.
The mill eventually closed in 1968 and the houses were sold and moved leaving the townsite empty and a campground now stands where the town once did. The area was gazetted as a national park in 1988″

The campground and our first stroll around, Fungi continue to appear everywhere we walk,
Gallery hosted on ImageShack, click the link or image:
Shannon Campground

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