June 15, 2019
Saturday turned out one of those fine clear sky mornings often typical of Tasmanian Winter in some parts of the State. No wind and almost no cloud (until mid pm) made it a great day for another walk.  So we decided that, as we had to go to town for bread etc., we would drive out to St Helens Point and do the 3km loop walk.  In fact it checks out on Google Maps as 2.7km for the loop but with side detours to the various vantage points we actually covered 3.5km by the time we returned to the car.

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Burns Bay2

Burns Bay

We drove to the Burns Bay Boat Ramp and after being confronted by a car park full of boat trailers, set off along the path to walk via the Point to Beerbarrel Beach.  Here you emerge into another car park and follow the gravel roads back to Burns Bay.

Along the way area few vantage points to small beaches and inlets and very different environment to the Tasmanian Rainforest walks.

St Helens Point.034 12h18m44s2019 06 15

St Helens Point.009 11h12m56s2019 06 15

St Helens Point.011 11h13m50s2019 06 15

You reach St Helens Point after about 15 minutes and get a magnificaent view out to sea to the East.

St Helens Point2

Now turning  more Southward you pass another rocky section and then reach Beerbarrel Beach and a short walk down to the smaller of the two beach areas here.  Beyond this is a view over the larger beach and Southward down the coast.

St Helens Point.033 12h04m38s2019 06 15

After returning to the car a short drive back towards the Southern side leads to the lookout over Mouruard

St Helens Point.037 12h26m24s2019 06 15

Peron Dunes

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