Warroo Bridge005 2016 04 03Warroo Bridge005 2016 04 03


April 3-4

Video for this section in previous Post (Surat)

Great camping area, very large area, 8.8km of gravel road from the highway but they are in the process of rebuilding it ready to seal.  Only one other van here at the opposite end to us, lots of river bank and adjacent space, plenty of shady trees.

Warroo Bridge001 -2016-04-03

Warroo Bridge011 -2016-04-03

This is the only bridge over the Balonne River between Surat and St George (about 100kms) and really only accesses farming properties and a school but does connect to the Mitchell-St George Road.

Warroo Bridge049 -2016-04-03

Could easily have stayed here longer but we need to make reasonable time to get to Bob’s for our house sitting before May 16.  Getting used to having no TV and limited Telstra only phone by now!

Warroo Bridge01


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