August 1-3, 2023

The small town of Westonia is one of the best examples of what a small Council can do for itself and its visitors. With an almost new community caravan park with all the usual facilities at $20/night and a streetscape very unique anywhere in the country.
The town and Shire are part of the WA Wheatbelt and grain and shep are the 2 “staples” of the district economy. These days as well it is once again well supported by the local Gold mine which has had a chequered history of opening and closing all the way back to 1911; great historical information here

From the Council Website: Westonia Historic Townsite

Westonia has a unique charm, nestled amongst 4,000ha of salmon gum, morrell and gimlet woodland interspersed with granite outcrops and remnants of the town’s gold mining past.

The town has been preserved to reflect its days as a booming gold mining town. Old buildings have been restored and new buildings constructed in a style that represents the past.

Wolfram Street Facades

The bright red doors on Westonia’s Fire Station are part of the town’s plan to step back in time. The colourful exteriors of the Façade Shop Front Project aim to recreate the look of the main street during the 1900’s mining boom.

Down the street, the facades of the town’s original bank, café and green grocer store have been recreated. The doors on these facades are real and open to the library and Shire Offices.

Edna May Goldmine

A public lookout allows views over the mine and activities

A visit would not be complete without the local Hood-Penn Museum
The Hood-Penn Museum in Westonia is the result of a an extremely generous donation of a large historical collection from the Hood-Penn family who previously owned the Burracoppin Store. The museum mainly is built around series of “Rooms” depicting various aspects of early 20th century life in thegold mining days of the 1920s

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