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"NO MORTGAGE, NO MOWING" - The Grey Nomad Journeys of Keith and Frances Thompson

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Diesel Heater programming

This is a common manual for Chinese Heaters with the membrane type display, click to download: 3kw manual (2)   This is the manual for the Tuit/Belief 2.2kw: 2.2kw-maual

Tow Vehicles and Weights – Part 1

Towing Weights and Vehicles – The (Sometimes) Sad Truth! Part 1 - Weight Definitions: Introduction: Much is routinely said in online forums and around the campfire about towing weights, and the traps about buying the wrong tow vehicle or the wrong caravan.  In this...

Tow Vehicles and Weights – Part 2 (Utes)

In this second article in the series we look at the most common utes (and a few others) and how they stack up in real weight terms. Our comparison chart shows that there are some considerable (but varied)  discrepancies between what the vehicle ratings are and what...

Tow Vehicles and Weights – Part 3 (Wagons)

In the first part of this series we looked at the most common Dual Cab Utes and the sad truth about the real towing capacity of many. As for the Four Wheel Drive Wagons they do fare better with the Landcruiser 200, Landcruiser 70 Troop Carrier, Jeep Grand Cherokee,...

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