August 23, 2023

While Frances was away in the UK I organised myself a Transperth “Smartrtider” Card having discovered that pensioners get free off-peak and very cheap peak public transport (Maximum $4.14 a day) and you can also park at a railway station car park for $2 /day, also payable with the card.
I was looking for a particular tourist guide and map book to WA that should have been available in Fremantle at the Chart and Map Shop so I set off to train it to Freo for a half day out. Maddington Station is less than 10 minutes drive from the Caravan Park and so I caught the 10.15 service to the City then a change of train to Fremantle with a total journey of exactly one hour.

Arriving at Fremantle I walked around to the shop to find the book was out of print but the new 2023 edition is with the printers. After a small brunch In a nearby cafe I took a stroll to the Fishing Boat Harbour and back around to the station. Picture here of the main harbour as well taken from the train.

Leaving on the early afternoon train I decided to hop aff at Mosman Park where I bought my first house in 1971 and stroll by for a look as it’s only 3 blocks from the station. So here is the house as I had finished renovating it in 1973 and as I found it now from the street

As there were two vehicles and the door was open I decided to go and introduce myself to the current owner or resident – to my great surprise the present owner is the man I sold it to 50 years ago. He has built an upper bedroom/study with an elevated deck over the downstairs kitchen and dining rooms

Another surprise was the wall panelling in the lounge room I did in 1973 is still there:


By Keith

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