May 13-20, 2024

For our third visit here we chose to stay at the Panorama Caravan Park, around Shoal Bay directly to the South of Albany and looking back at the City across the water, seen here in the evening. Like Kalgan RIver it is around 15km from the City centre. All the tourist sites here face the water with an informal layout. Most of the park are permanent residents and holiday vans and there are two amenities buildings. Rates are very reasonable at $40 compared to a range from around $45 to $65 for the parks on the City side.

The park has its own jetty for the guests which appears to be more often frequented by the local birdlife, a patch of undeveloped bush adjoins but most is Private property and not accessible.

.. a little wildlife around here including this darter who got his feed for the morning:

.. and one of our lovely Sunrises:

By Keith

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