Bowen 004 20220202 171027Bowen 004 20220202 171027

February 2022

Now our fridge has been repaired under warranty and is back to working as good as ever. The day after the repairs daughter Zoe in Brisbane was taken ill and Frances left by train to help out. Bowen station above and here about to board the Spirit of Queensland for the 16 hour journey.

After Frances left for Brisbane Keith stayed at Bowen to ensure that the fridge repair had been effective on both gas and 240v as it is now out of the 3 years warranty; the good news was that it is as perfect as before, set on 1 on a 34 degree day and 2 degrees in the fridge.

After the week at Bowen Keith returned to Brisbane and the Ipswich Showgrounds. On the way I stopped at the open free camp area at the Marlborough Roadhouse and then at Rosedale Park on Bauple Drive

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