Lake Samsonvale 073 DSC 0473 scaledLake Samsonvale 073 DSC 0473 scaled

March 2022

Due to Keith’s cataract surgery at Ipswich we are spending multiple weeks between the Ipswich and Pine Rivers Showgrounds. Even though we lived in the area close to the Pine Rivers complex we did little exploring on foot of the surrounding areas. Armed with our bushwalking likings from living on the road, and knowledge from Apps like Alltrails we decided to look at the opportunities. Our first pick was to go to Lake Samsonvale, just a short drive from the Showgrounds and a walk, in the end of about 6km.

Below is our route from the Parking Area and return, going anti clockwise and the start of the trail; picture gallery follows in the order of our walk.

By Keith

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