Sep 21, 2019 #TAS
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Bicheno’s famous Blowhole (above)

Sept. 22, 2019

 After just over a week at Lagoons Beach we were originally planning to move straight down to Freycinet but after traveling into Bicheno earlier for shopping we decide to spend a couple of days there so we picked the smallest Caravan Park just off the town centre and checked in for 3 nights at $30/night to find that we had the park to ourselves; there were a few workers staying in the cabins but no other tourists.

This gave us the chance to fully recharge batteries and catch up on Laundry etc. and shopping before leaving.

The Bicheno Takeaway and Caravan Park is right on the highway and has a view to Lookout Rock to the East and to the West is the local “transmission hill” with the broadcast and phone towers (top left in the image) – no lack of tv signal or phone here!

Bicheno has only a small shopping area but does have a good size IGA, Pharmacy, Newsagent and several cafes and Surf Shops.  We had lunch at the Bakery after our walk to the Blowhole, great homemade pastries and good coffee. The takeaway at the front of the Caravan Park is actually closed until October.  Town images below:

The Bicheno Blowhole is close to the Southern end of an extensive coastal wlaking path which meanders over the rocks and through the vegetation around the town edge for a couple of kilometres; these pictures take you around, past the Boat Ramp and small “harbour” faciiity at Straub’s Passage with Seals basking on the outer rocks and an enormous colony of gulls just across the passage on Governor Island.

Our last day in Bicheno was not so calm and sunny and the seas were showing the end result!  The offshore island is Diamond Island which can be reached by foot at low tide in calmer conditions.

By Keith

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