River and Rocks.007 08h55m40s2019 09 22River and Rocks.007 08h55m40s2019 09 22

September 21, 2109 – Saturday onwards:
Above: View from the small beach area next to the Campground with the Three Peaks in the background.   The houses on the shoreline are the small area of Swanwick.

We moved here from Bicheno on Saturday morning, a drive of only 31km, typical Tasmania where you can go somewhere completely different in 30 minutes or so.

This campground is in a Conservation Area and is managed by Parks and Wildlife having only a single old style drop toilet; probably room for about 20 campers max with individual rectangular sites and a couple of slightly larger areas. We tucked ourselves into a corner site in  a spot which would get us good Solar exposure to the North.  TV is  a bit patchy so out came the Satellite dish but Telstra coverage is a good solid 3 bars of 4G on the modem.

 A short track (supposedly a Boat Ramp but a bit washed away!) leads to the Swan River; if the season was a little warmer I might be tempted to put the Kayak in the water but a bit cold at this time of year (although one hardy soul was paddle boarding down the river!)

The small beach area provides views up and down stream with the other side of the river being Dolphin Sands and Bagot Point.  The local flock of Cormorants can be seen on the mid stream rocks so obviously there are fish about!

There is other birdlife here as well with the Superb Fairy Wrens now appearing with the Males in full breeding plumage, the Tasmanian sub species of these has even more Blue colouring than the mainland varieties. Also seen are a few Grey Fantails  which flitter around between the trees in a very erratic flight path (last image of these four)

..next a visit to the famous Wineglass Bay lookout…

By Keith

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