April 22-26, 2019

Leaving Glaziers Bay on Easter Monday I first stopped over at the RV Stop at Sorell and was intending to travel back to St Helens via the East Coast. However, being school holidays, and with campers asking in various media how busy such and such a site was, I decided to stay away from the popular places and simply travel via the inland route.

Campbell Town was the obvious place to spend a few nights and split the distance; the free camp here has a 48 hours limit by Council permit but you can just renew it for a further 48 hours.

Campbell Town And Blackburn Park.001 15h44m53s2019 04 24

Alongside fellow Sunland owners, Peter and Rayna Foreman

Campbell Town Rv Stop Blackburn Park

Campbell Town Rv Stop Blackburn Park

The RV stop here is right at the edge of the town centre and alongside the Elizabeth River; The Red Bridge (right) as it is called carries highway 1 (Midland highway) over the river and thorugh town and a pedestrian bridge crosses from the park past some wonderful chainsaw sculptures from old tree trunks. The historic Foxhunters Return is no longer a hotel but a book and antique shop.  (..and of course there are no foxes in Tasmania!)

Campbell Town And Blackburn Park.011 11h39m23s2019 04 25