Above: This Mustang got my vote for the best noise of the day, for some of the noises see the short video compilation below.

May 1, 2019

Our house sit here on the Tasman Highway just happens to be in the Targa Tasmania stage called Pyengana.  Starting just East of thePyengana turnoff and finishing just West of the Lottah Road junction, running through here on May 1st, 2019

Being in the centre of a series of S Bends it was a great spectator spot; at the Western end of the property the road turns left over a blind crest, negotiated below by the S Type Jaguar. In front of the driveway is a long left hander where all the other images are taken.

Targa Pyengana 2019.055 10h50m09s2019 05 01

Targa Pyengana 2019.056 10h50m10s2019 05 01

The first groups of cars are participants in the Targa Tour who are private car owners getting to drive the Targa closed road stages behind an escort vehicle but still at speed as they feel safe to do.  The video shows some of these and then, after the Hyundai i30N  “0” Car (siren and flashing lights) are the competitors.

The following are all competitors in the various classes from Classic to Modern.