Above: Caravan in the driveway and a space in the shed for the Landcruiser and the Kayak

May 2019

Gould’s Country via St Helens, Tasmania

SO . . . here we are (or will be “we” when Frances gets back from the UK on May 19) for the next four months.  We were originally thinking that we would have to find a cheap campground for the coldest part of the Tassie Winter somewhere on the East Coast as it is the mildest, and possibly driest part of the State in WInter.

As it happened a house sit was offerred through Free Range Camping back in March and Rob from FRC offered it to us without even listing it; it starts a little earlier than we might have liked but we will be able to explore the whole North East corner from here.

House Sit 2019

House and van and the Tasman Highway above; Just a short walk into the house (below)

The property here is 10 acres bonded by the Tasman Highway on the North side and the Groom River to the South with a neighbour to the East and a creek to the West.

We are living with a combination of rainwater and water taken from the river which, typically Tasmania, is coloured by the high level of tannins in all of Tassie’s rivers.  The river water is also used via a separate pumping system to water all the newly planted trees here which is the primary reason for the house sitting.

Dsc 0272

Groom River

Groom River