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January 3 (2015)

As there were only seven of us on site for the Christmas period (Sherrill didn’t join us) we decided to have a joint Christmas Lunch/Dinner (was going to be 2.30-3pm but ended up being more like 6pm after a slower than expected oven!)  We used the kitchen and tea room area of the Ghan museum as we had anticipated a hot day and needing the aircon but as it turned out it was below 30 anyway so we used the portable oven on the verandah and ate inside with the doors open.  Frances here finishing her Pavlova preparation.

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We were joined by one of the new baby Goannas which are around the grounds (mum is around as well but we don’t see her very often).  There are several babies around varying (at Christmas) from about 30 to 45cm in length, this is one of the smaller ones:


Having had a BBQ at Liz’s for Boxing Day we repeated the gathering for New Year with Sherrill joining us; Frances’ Pavlova made for Christmas was such a hit she was coerced (?) into making another for New Year and here we all are gathering around it (Sherrill on the right)

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