Chudleigh and the Marakoopa Cave

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March 2, 2019

Chudleigh Showground ($5/night) was our next destination for three nights with opportunities taken to visit the Marakoopa Caves and the Alum Cliffs Reserve.  The Showground is a great, nice flat and pleasant place to stop for a while, local store nearby, toilets and lots of space, views f the Great Western Tiers and the ranges to the north as well.


Chudleigh Showgrounds:

Marakoopa Cave is one of two (the other being king Solomons Cave) in the Mole Creek Caves group, managed by Parks Tasmania and with guided tours throughout the year.  Our tour, taking in the Cathedral Cave and Glow Worms lasted close to an hour with a great guide, Renee, an ex school teacher who really explained everything and didn’t rush us through.  The walk to Cathedral Cave actually goes up a total of 250 steps but you wouldn’t know because the whole experience is broken into sections, mostly on the way up, but also a couple of side stops on the way back.

Marakoopa Cave Office and Info Centre

Marakoopa Cave Office and Info Centre

You are allowed to take photographs anywhere deeper in the cave but not in the first section where the glow worms are but you could not photograph them anyway yet they are stil amazing and in large numbers in here; higly recommended if you have never seen glow worms.  Some of the sights in the cave below:


Seen on the way back to Chudleigh: Colour Coded Silage?

Colourful Bales.001 -11h29m52s2019-03-02

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