Liffey Falls

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Above: The first (top) level of the multi drop Liffey Falls

February 28, 2019

This video takes you down the falls from the first (top) level to the last which cover several hundred metres:

We first visited Liffey Falls in 1990 during a holiday to Tasmania before moving there the following year.  WE can’t remember much about that visit  except the access road hadn’t seemed so narrow and winding back then; maybe because at that time it was Winter and there were very few tourists.

The falls drop over around four levels (depending how you count them) with the lowest level needing a descent of quite some distance down steps.  From the (top) car park to here is a bit over 1km (the 1km on the sign at the car park is somewhere towards the top level; the walking track in fact continues a further 3km to the lower car park and camping area.

Liffey Falls Top Car Park and Picnic Area

Liffey Falls Top Car Park and Picnic Area

The track descends through typical Tasmanian Rainforest with that wonderful mix of large Eucalypts and tree ferns

After the first couple of levels of falls you have to descend the stepped section to reach the final and probably best of the multi drop falls.

VIDEO still to come.

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