June 20, 2019

After Policemans Point we had a brief drive in and out of Ansons Bay which is basically a holiday shack centre with no real public facilities other than a part time store in the Summer season.  We then completed our journey to Eddystone Point and it’s lighthouse.  First switched on in 1889 full historical information can be found HERE

We were last here sometime in the 90s when we lived in Tassie and were holidaying at St Helens.  Nothing much has changed and the three old Lighthouse Keepers Cottages have been carefully preserved being the oldest surviving in Tasmania, even if long out of use.

The location these days is shared with a boat ramp adjacent to the other of the old buildings, this one built as a storehouse for the jetty which was frequently destroyed by the weather but the only access before road access was provided.

Boat Ramp Eddystone Point

Eddystone Point.006 12h19m40s2019 06 20

At the time of our visit there were a couple of communications technicians working on site, installing a new alarm radio for the light, and one of them kindly took our camera to the top and captured these images from the gantry for us.  From left to right is the view to the North with Flinders Island in the distance at centre; then Eddystone Point itself to the South East, finally the view down the coast Southwards past Ansons Bay and along the Bay of Fires coastline.

20190620 122942

The Spiral Staircase..

20190620 122844

…Looking up to the top

20190620 123009

One of the “outset” windows

20190620 123022

Looking down the steps

20190620 122313

The Pink Granite Eddystone Point Lighthouse

The Auxiliary Light is no longer in use but the main beam runs 24/7 as can be seen here

Eddystone Point.031 12h40m13s2019 06 20

Eddystone Point.017 12h26m57s2019 06 20

Eddystone Point.014 12h25m45s2019 06 20

Adjacent to the boatramp is a short walking path which leads to a view Northwards and to Larc Beach:

View Over Larc Beach Eystone Point

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