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March 9, 2023

Today we left Bribie Island after exactly 11 weeks of house-sitting; thank you to Ron and Vicki the house owners and fellow members of our Sunland FB group. We have explored the walking trails at the Southern end of the island and thoroughly enjoyed our walks and rides; Frances has competed in the Park Run every Saturday and is going back for one last run this week (as we are only at Beachmere until our caravan is serviced on Monday at the factory).

We also took a Lunch cruise on the Lady Brisbane, an enjoyable 2 hours.

We found some of the less walked spots like Bibimulya Wetlands which sits in the middle of the housing area of Bellara a short stroll from the main road (Gallery below)

So farewell to Bribie Island, we may be back in the future, and thank you for the glorious Summer weather – we have enjoyed 3 months of days around 28 to 31 and nights around 22 the whole time

Farewell to Bribie Island

By Keith

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