March 10 to April 15, 2023

Having left our 11 lovely weeks on Bribie island there remained a few final things to sort out before leaving on our much-delayed journey to Western Australia. These included doctor visits and an extra reason for Keith later in the period who managed to stub a toe on one of the stainless steel Ground Dog screw-in anchors we use on the awning guy ropes – Ouch! At least an X-Ray revealed no breakages but the swelling persisted for some weeks.

Leaving Bribie we stayed at Beachmere for 4 days as the caravan was booked into Sunland for service on Monday March 13; after picking the van up we had booked into Hardings Paddock for the Monday to Friday (booked out for the weekend) but after arriving at Hardings discovered our fridge was not working on gas after sitting for 3 months so a quick relocation to Rosewood Showgrounds was organised just for 2 nights as they were closing for an event.

From Rosewood to Ipswich Showgrounds for their 7 day maximum and our first doctor visits, a bit of family time and then to fill another week out to Ivorys Rock campground where we had not stayed before.

Flinders Peak:

We had previously driven past Ivorys Rock and walked up to the saddle of Mount Blaine from the Picnic Area at the end of the road; the climb up Flinders Peak is a Category 5 walk and we decided to go as far as we were comfortable, ending up about halfway with much rock scrambling – maybe another time we might tackle the whole climb? Images in sequence here:

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