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Fridge Fixed…. and Failed!

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Frances at the wheel near Cobar

May 1

Our new fridge was fitted with three new parts on Friday (April28) and we left to continue our travels towards Wilcannia on Sunday morning after shopping for everything to top us up for some time down the Darling River in a few days time.  Pulling into the Rest Area at Nyngan for lunch the fridge had failed again!  Control panel lights flashing which means that one of the boards has failed – same problem (in part) as before?

New fridge now working...

New fridge now working…

The only option for a service agent in the direction we were going was to go through Wilcannia (and pick up our waiting mail), and continue on to Broken Hill.  We couldn’t ring the Dometic Head Office (Gold Coast) until Tuesday as Monday was a Public holiday in Queensland, more delays!

Anyway they agreed to send another fridge to Broken Hill but the Dealer can’t do the work until next Wednesday, May 10.


Sunday night at Bulla Park Rest Area between Cobar and Wilcannia

Sunday night at Bulla Park Rest Area between Cobar and Wilcannia

So here we are at the Broken Hill Racecourse.  We arrived on Monday afternoon (after a puncture in the van which cost us a new tyre!)  to find that the Council have restricted them to 15 vans and they were full. Explaining we needed power to make sure our car fridge kept going the caretakers, Shane and Donna, let us stay at the back of the house overnight.

We chose to set up under the shadecloth as the grass are had to be clear Saturday for a wedding so here we are.

Saturday they had to squeeze another 9 vans into this overall area so now it looks more like a Caravan Sales yard!



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