Gin Gin Showgrounds 002 2014 07 30Gin Gin Showgrounds 002 2014 07 30

August 3, 2014

Been her for 5 days and leaving tomorrow for Agnes Water/1770.  We were surprised arriving at Gin Gin how popular the Showgrounds is; about 25-30 vans there when we arrived and pretty consistent numbers the whole time.  They also cater for travelling horses and we had a race horse transporter there overnight one night and a private horse float arrived today on our last night.

Gin Gin Showgrounds- 001 - 2014-07-30

The town of Gin Gin sits right on the Bruce highway and will be some years before it is bypassed so is reasonably thriving with a large IGA, an Historic Hotel and the usual array of small shops.

By Keith

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