Urangan Foreshore Hervey Bay007 2014 06 02Urangan Foreshore Hervey Bay007 2014 06 02

June 2 to 9

Well here we are in Hervey Bay. We didn’t intend to come over here originally but it is worth the visit. I can see why it is so popular and huge holiday spot but am glad it is off season it would be mayhem at peak . The beach and foreshore and sea views are lovely, it is a pity we are visiting a few weeks too early to see the whales migrating past. Lolli has not been very well and we will have to take her for another visit to the vet here. Her eye is infected and she is not very happy, but will have to wait until Wednesday for an appointment. Walked the dogs half way down the pier (far enough) and luckily found a bench to rest on before heading back. The fishermen at the end were catching a good many fish.

Our walk down the pier was Lolli’s last real walk, she came out with us again but have had to carry her in the green shopping bag. Nice caravan park  but a lot of dogs. Tess is in an absolute lather occasionally but she is getting better even so, even with the two sites opposite us having dogs in full view. Have had some nice walks down the beach when it hasn’t been high tide and have found some lovely shells.

Well the visit to the vet went as I expected, and we have done the kindest thing. Even so we are feeling a bit glum, and  if we hadn’t been out in the forest campsite away from town delayed the inevitable a bit too much. But she was pretty good until before the weekend so she did get some relief those few weeks inbetween.

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Hervey Bay

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