February 9-13, 2024

Finally coming out of the bush we arrived in Hyden on a 40 degree Friday afternoon after pausing for lunch at Forrestania. This area was twice the location for experimental farming plots, in the 1920s and again in 1958 with a slightly different approach but the whole thing was abandoned with a change of State government in 1967.

Forrestania Plots

Hyden – The Town
The town itself is very small but has all the services needed for the local community, a well stocked IGA caters to travellers well and opposite is a display of sculptures representing the history of the town

Wave Rock:
Hyden’s famous landmark, originally known, and still mapped, as Hyden Rock, is at the rear of the Caravan Park and the park fees include the entrance fee for the Rock. A short stroll takes you one of 3 ways to the face of the rock and the Western end has stairs to take you to a gradual climb to the summit and back.

First look on a hot day:

We waited until Monday, being forecast for mid 30s, instead of low 40s , to climb the rock and then do the loop walking trail around past Hippos Yawn and then around the salt lake past the Resort and Airport and back to the Caravan Park a total of 6km.

Up and around the rock :

…and on to Hippos Yawn :

… and the circular walk around the salt lake and past the Salt Pool where you can float – impossible to sink! At the end the Cafe where we had lunch the day before.

By Keith

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