February 13-15, 2024

Having emerged from the bush into the Wheatbelt at Hyden we continue our return to Perth, stopping first at the small country town of Narembeen for 2 nights. Established in the early 20th century the town is a Shire centre and has a population of around 210 with 850 in the whole Shire area.

With a well stocked IGA, a hardware and Rural store, Post Office, a Co-op Cafe ( where we had lunch), and the usual service industries of mechanical and tyres the population has all the basics.

The local caravan park (Shire) offers 12 powered sites and a free self contained camping area for up to 72 hours of which we availed ourselves. This is adjacent to public toilets so is not entirely unserviced with a Dump Point, bins and water also available.

On our way here, a few km out of town, we passed the now well-known “Mile of Boots”. Started by local farmers it now stretches over 1km heading for the mile; opposite are the remnants of an “undies fence” but sadly most have perished in the heat and weather

The town has a few notable buildings and features including the hotel, the first building here before the town as a result of the railway. The whole town presents as very clean and tidy with wide streets and landscaping.

To begin our morning here we strolled the walking trail around Lake Walker, sadly dry but has been used for water skiing in the past

.. at this point in the walk you reach the old Avoca Homestead where much of the old machinery has been left on display , looked after by a local volunteer group. From the homestead the track continues back to the lake

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By Keith

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