Kilkivan Bush Camping Park021   2014 06 12Kilkivan Bush Camping Park021 2014 06 12


June 11 to 18

Kilkivan Bush Camping Park070 - 2014-06-17
Our spot above the creek

Have come into Kilkivan to stay as it was recommended to us by a fellow we met at a rest area in Gympie. And he was right it is lovely here have decided to increase our stay from 4 nights to 8! Have managed to get ourselves a spot right above the creek. We can’t get any phone or internet service here and only SBS on the telly! Which means we have had to get really into Soccer, the world cup in Brasil it seems to be all that’s on SBS at the moment.

We have had a lovely couple of days so warm but it has come in cloudy for the weekend. have had to watch the families arriving for the weekend setting up in the rain a bit miserable! They have set up good campfires regardless! But have managed to get out and take the dog for a walk even so. It is so peaceful had a lovely time just relaxing. watching the birds. Have had a king parrot perch on our awning and sighted a red backed wren when we were out walking. A family of apostle birds turn up every day too.

Now the weekend has passed the weekend traffic has headed home the weather is glorious and we’re almost on our own here, only another 3 vans. There is about 10 acres here to venture over, the owners have done a great job laying the sites out between the trees. And the family have chooks and guinea pigs and 6 kids!

Lots of flies around here!

Images of the area here:

..and a few kilometres further up the track into the mountains is the Mount Clara Copper Smelter ruins, also pictured below:


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