Kinbombi Falls016 2014 06 19Kinbombi Falls016 2014 06 19


June 2

This is a free camping and picnic area at the Kinbombi Falls access point which is a few km North of Goomeri (famous itself for the annual Pumpkin Festival held in May every year).  There is a small toilet block and water available (only at the toilet block) and plenty of room for a dozen vans or more.  There are no restricitons on stay here so we stayed 3 nights but would have been quite happy to stay longer.

There are 2 or 3 walking tracks to view the falls with 2 specific lookout points and eventually a descent to the creek below.  The water holes are deep enough for swimming and one intrepid local youth jumped in while we were there; didn’t see him but heard the enormous splash!

Kinbombi Falls010 - 2014-06-19


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