July 1, 2023

With signage right from the camping area, the Roora trail takes you through the remains of the Roora Reserve, originally the surrounds of the town water supply dams but now considerably reduced in size. The trail meanders through bushland with a lot of identifying signage of the plant and tree species ; it terminates at Whites Knob where you can look across the town area and other are statues of the explorer John Eyre and his aboriginal guide.

On the way out or back there are two side loop trails, the Axe Tree Trail and the Bird Trail, each of which takes you through variations of the local bush. The round trip from camp to camp was 7.3km, as some of these images show we did not have the best day but the brief rain showers were not heavy; in Spring there are said to be wildflowers along much of the track. The photo gallery shows off some of the great variations of flora and the birdlife .

By Keith

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