While Keith has been working away madly I have at last had the opportunity to  borrow Zoe’s sewing machine again and make my contribution. Managing to shorten all the annex walls as they were just too long.  Being here has been a good introduction to life in a caravan but am keen to get going. I have had many nice walks round Laidley it is a nice little town with a nice market every Thursday. Although the dogs nearly got arrested after I tied them up outside the bakery, I went in to buy a loaf and became held up in a long queue! They weren’t even barking (unusually) but i missed the fuss, probably were as bored with waiting for me as I was, waiting for bread. The police that is. I wouldn’t have known except an excited stall owner couldn’t help but rush over to tell me when I came out.

The dogs had their day at the vet too for their inoculations. Tess was spayed as well, though you wouldn’t have known afterwards, she charged around like nothing had happened. But we discovered that Lolli has a large growth on the top of her palate, she has lost a lot of condition this last 6 months so we should have guessed something was wrong. And also has bad arthritis but then she is 13 now.

Leaving Laidley, March 20 after 32 days (intended about a 2 week stay!):



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By Keith

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