May 10-14, 2023

Originally intending to travel from Broken Hill into South Australia we decided, as the Menindee Lakes are full, to detour via Menindee, Pooncarrie and Wentworth. In 2016 we had attempted to traverse the whole Darling River system from the Condamine head in SE Queensland to the Murray at Wentworth, and rain had prevented us from completing the bottom part of the journey from Menindee Southwards, so it was an opportune time to complete the unfinished journey.

The lake full of water is a stunning sight and birdlife is everywhere; we found a spot along the frontage (which extends for about 4km) with some open space for solar charge and a direct view across the water to the sunset each night

Pictures in the gallery show our walks along the shoreline and to the Main Weir and back, about 6.5km return

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